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PART A: If two teams are tied:

  1. the record between the two teams
  2. points (goals) against between the two teams
  3. points (goals) against in the league
  4. points (goals) for in the league
  5. sudden death game – neutral site

PART B: If three or more teams are tied:

  1. Record among the teams tied
  2. (+) (-) game differential involving tied teams
  3. (+) G) point differential involving tied teams
  4. Points against among the teams tied
  5. Points against in the league
  6. Points for in the league

CRITERIA B: To be used in match play sports volleyball, badminton

NOTE: See examples below

For reference in using tie breaking policy please keep in mind:

When using any of the above criteria to break a three way tie the intent is to determine the highest not the lowest place finisher.

e.g.: If three teams are tied in standings and are also tied in their record against each other and the point differential is as follows:

Teams are no longer tied therefore standings would be A-1st, C- 2nd, B-3rd.

For the same situation with a point differential of. A (+4), B (-2), C (-2) A would be 1st. We now have a two way tie between B and C for 2nd so we would revert to using criteria for a two way tie. PART A (record between tied teams)

For the same situation with a point differential of A(+2), B(+2), C(-4) we have a two way tie for 1 st so we would revert to criteria for a two way tie for determining 1st and 2nd , C would be 3rd *