Rural Student Fee Information

Charlottetown Rural High School (May 16, 2022)

School Fees

1] Student Fee Structure: $30 per student / $40 per family (pro-rated for those entering after September)

Student Fees cover some of the costs associated with providing Special EventsProgram Enhancement and Education Equity. The staff, administration, Home & School Association and the vast majority of the parents/guardian feel the many extras covered by student fees greatly enhance the education that students receive here at Charlottetown Rural. With the support of these fees, we are able to offer every family many opportunities to be involved in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This creates a closer connection for students to Charlottetown Rural and contributes to increased academic success.

  1. Special Events:

Welcome to Charlottetown Rural – treats and school supplies for some new and returning students

  • Terry Fox Run – promotional supplies and prizes
  • Remembrance Day – assembly expenses
  • Easter Seals Ambassador tour donation supplement
  • Special “weeks” (anti-bullying, French, etc.) - promotional supplies and prizes
  • Special Guest – tokens of appreciation for guest speakers (Jr. Achievement, CEO and other class visitors, etc.)
  • Dances – supplement costs
  • Student Recognition Assembly – supplement the cost of awards
  • Wellness Expo – supplement expenses
  • Graduation – supplement some of the cost of prizes and support for ‘Chem Free’ event
  • Graduation gowns - maintenance and replacement
  • Graduation facility rental
  • Prom facility rental
  1. Program Enhancement:
  • Band – reducing travel costs for some students, supplementing instrument purchase and repair, awards
  • Athletics – supplement some travel costs for some students, supplement tournament hosting expenses, general program costs and supplement uniform replacement, awards
  • Student Council – supplies, promotions, project support, travel to National Conference
  • Drama – supplement musical production costs
  • Student representatives (Model UN, Skills Canada, etc.) – support for travel and fees
  • Yearbook - supplement production costs
  • Honors Assembly – plaques and certificates
  • Math competitions – registration fees
  • School Clubs - (Envirothon, Chess, E.Y.E.S., Improv, GSA, Environmental Adventures, Debate, etc.) – support for activities
  1. Education Equity:
  • Course Handbook – for new and returning students to register for appropriate programs/course.
  • Student Services – some additional supports and supplies for community programming as well as personal hygiene products for all students.
  • School supplies – for students in need
  • School lunches – for students in need

2] Athletic Fee Structure:

The following amounts are charged for students who are chosen to be part of our school teams and compete in the PEISAA sanctioned leagues, tournaments and playoffs. These do not cover all the costs of providing this program.

baseball - $35,             soccer, field hockey and volleyball - $50,       basketball - $100

badminton - $20,        softball - $35,                       rugby – $30 + scrum cap fee.

  • Additional fees will be collected by the coaches for tournaments and off Island travel
  • NEW IN 2021 All athletes will pay a $10 banquet fee. This will be added to the fee for the first team on which they play each year.

3] Band Fee Structure:

There are no band fees. Students will be involved in fundraising activities related to band trips.

4] Course Fees:

Some course may have fees associated with them to cover some of the cost of materials, products, certifications, and/or special training. The details of these will be documented and communicated by the teacher so students and parents/guardians are informed.

5] Other Fees / Expenses:

Students and their families are expected to contribute to the costs associated with any events or groups in which they choose to participate. These will vary from year to year and grade to grade and often include, but are not limited to: Band trips, Ski nights, Canoe trips, School Photo program, Team clothing purchases, school clothing purchases, Graduation photos…

NOTE: If these fees/expenses cause unnecessary hardship for a family please contact a school administrator.

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