Order your 2023-2024 Yearbook Online   

The 2023-24 Yearbook will be on sale as follows:

    September 22nd - November 14th: $55.00

    November 25th - December 22nd: $60.00

    December 23rd - June 15th: $65.00

Please order your yearbook early so you can guarantee that you will have one.  It is not possible to order additional books after the order is placed. Order here

Yearbook Images

Throughout the year, if you (students or family members) are at a school event and you grab a shot that you think would be great for the yearbook, email the image to or send the image(s) on a flash drive to Ms. MacLeod in Room 201. We would love to see your pics!

Previous Yearbooks

Most previous yearbooks are still available for sale in the office.

Grad Info

In order to appear in the yearbook and the class composite grads must have their picture taken by Heckbert Studio. If a student misses the opportunity to have their photo taken at the school, they can contact Heckbert™ for a studio appointment. This will be free of charge, just ask for a yearbook shot.